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The 10 Best Spots for Glamping in Central Florida

The travel industry has gone through a revolution because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, people are looking for one-of-a-kind experiences to have outdoors and amongst nature. Traditionally, this has meant camping in rugged conditions with tents, sleeping bags, and no amenities. With rising demand and growing trends, glamping has taken off as the most desirable mode of travel that is affordable, unique, fun, and relaxing. Nestled between major cities such as Orlando and Tampa, towns across central Florida offer top-notch glamping experiences to suit every type of traveler.

Here are 10 of our favorite spots.

  1. Yurt at Danvile – Geneva, FL

This traditional yurt structure featuring a detailed framework and full covering is the best of both worlds merging the luxuries of a house with the adventurous spirit of a tent. With a wraparound deck, tasteful and authentically inspired décor, and nearby alpaca farm, this yurt is a 360-getaway experience.

  1. 200 sq. ft. Tent at Lake Louisa – Clermont, FL

Enjoy the comfort of home while getting a true tent experience, all within Florida’s Lake Louisa State Park. With amenities such as heat, air conditioning, a queen bed, and electricity, this picturesque spot pushes the boundaries of what it means to camp.

  1. Transparent Dome at Lake Louisa – Clermont, FL

Camp out in a clear, igloo-like, geometric dome just outside of Orlando. Located near Lake Kissimmee State Park and Lake Louisa State Park, this glamp-site features dome structures that make it a destination in its own right.

  1. The Birdhouse – Old Town, FL

Surrounded by lakes, forests, a firepit, and a deck, this full nature camping experience allows visitors to sleep in comfort while having access to fresh air and the outdoors. Merging features of a treehouse and a screened-in porch, this hybrid structure is the perfect middle ground for campers and hotel lovers.

  1. The View Tiny Home – Orlando, FL

This tiny house offers yoga, fishing, kayaking, and amazing lakeside views. Decorated with a modern cabin style, this tiny house gives the feeling of camping, with the luxuries of a real home. The giant windows on all sides make visitors truly feel like they are living on the water.

  1. The Ritz Tiny Home – Orlando, FL

The modern, sleek style of this tiny home gives it an elevated feel while remaining rooted in nature. Set on a lakefront, the water activities are limitless, and visitors can enjoy the creative, contemporary, and industrial style of the tiny house’s architecture.

  1. Your Safari Tents – Multiple Locations

These safari tents immerse visitors in the sounds, smells, and sights of nature while keeping sleeping conditions separated from the critters and crawlers of the outdoors. Built on wooden platforms, with a rudimentary tent structure, this leans more towards a true camping experience.

  1. Retro trailer – St. Petersburg, FL

Minutes away from downtown nightlife, this retro trailer is a moody, LED-lit space. With a trendy look and full amenities, visitors also have access to an above-ground pool right behind the trailer, plus activities, and an outdoor garden area.

  1. Boho Tent – Seville, FL

With a hippie, bohemian style, this tent is right on the waterfront of Seville’s Lake George. With access to amenities, a tiki bar, and a kitchen on the property, travelers can feel a cozy camping experience, while enjoying the nightlife, movies by the lake, and a total-chill atmosphere.

  1. Florida Old School Campers – Multiple Locations

These refurbished Volkswagen retro camper vans allow renters to road trip in comfort and in style. With room to sleep two and a variety of vans in trendy colors, this rentable option allows travelers to have a 1970’s inspired experience.

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