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Top Ten Best Things About Glamping in Central Florida

Central Florida is a beautiful destination for tourists wanting to visit Florida. When choosing accommodations, glamping is one of the best options for tourists wanting a peaceful, outdoor experience that includes the luxury of a hotel room for a fraction of the cost.

Here are the top ten benefits to glamping in Central Florida:

Central to Popular Tourist Destinations

The central region of Florida is central to several popular tourist destination cities, such as Orlando, Tampa, and Gainesville. Tourists can have the best of both worlds when glamping in Central Florida since they can easily access the busy attractions that many people want to see visiting Florida.

Serene Escape from the Big City

Rather than being surrounded by the chaos of the big cities of Florida that are often crawling with tourists, glamping gives tourists a chance to have a serene, calming escape from the more crowded regions.

Outdoor Activities

Central Florida has a wide variety of outdoor activities to offer. Tourists can partake in exciting excursions, such as hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and more!

Ideal Weather and Humidity

The weather in Central Florida is less humid and more comfortable than the weather typically found closer to South Florida. Glamping in this region is ideal due to the consistently warm temperatures and lower humidity levels.

Luxurious Nature Experience

When glamping in Central Florida, tourists can get a taste of the great outdoors while staying in a luxurious room that is more similar to a hotel room than a camping tent. Enjoy the same luxuries of a hotel room with additional features, such as the chance to have a campfire or go stargazing.


Choosing glamping over a luxury hotel room can be much more affordable—without losing out on any of the luxuries! Enjoy an exquisite, comfortable room while surrounded by the natural beauty of the wilderness for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room in the city.

Beautiful Local Farms

Glamping in Central Florida gives tourists a chance to indulge in the rich culture of this region while exploring the many beautiful local farms. Try fresh, local produce and get to understand the agriculture industry of Florida by touring one of the nearby farms when glamping.

Experience Country Living

Take a break from visiting the crowded metropolis areas and experience relaxing country living in Central Florida. Vacations should be stress-free and calming, and a getaway to the countryside is the perfect way to experience that.

Welcoming Environment

The residents of Central Florida are friendly, pleasant people, making this area a welcoming environment for tourists interested in glamping. The big cities can be unpredictable and crowded, which is why Central Florida often feels much more welcoming for visitors.

Incredible Wildlife

See the different plants and animals that you won’t find in the Southern regions of Florida. Central Florida has beautiful, tall oak trees, forests filled with a variety of plants and animals, and lush wilderness for tourists wanting to explore the nature of the Sunshine State.

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